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Hostage Rescue in Africa

French Paratroops (2nd French Foreign Legionaire Regiment) have rescued a half dozen hostages somewhere in Africa.  A rapidly moving dust cloud shows that unfriendlies are on the way.  The pick-up helicopter is also coming.  The FFL have blocked most of the entrances to the village and taken up a 360 degree defense.  One Paratrooper is in the building with the rescued hostages.

There are nine Paratroops, six hostages, and thirty Militia in trucks with two Technicals (pick-ups with a HMG in the truck bed) on the way.

Game set-up.  Rules ARC OF FIRE 1900-2000 (modified).  Using experimental Anton card sequence for activation.  Any woods is considered jungle except the plastic rows of trees which are an orchard (rubber plantation).
1.   Arrival point road is determined by a d8 roll.  Helicopter will arrive on a turn equal to a d6 roll (rolled a 4) which will require a d10 roll of 1.  Chance increases by 1 per turn (i.e. Turn 4 a "1" is needed and Turn 6 a "1-3" on a d10 for the helicopter to arrive) and the table edge the helicopter arrives from will be determined by a d8 roll.
2.   Paratroops are TAC 4 Morale 5 with +1 to shoot.  Each 4-man Team has 1 SAW, 3 assault rifles., grenades, and 1 man in each Team 2 rifle grenades.  The regular team also has one AT4 rocket. A Sniper is attached with a bolt-action 7.62mm scoped sniper rifle.
3.   The Militia are Leader TAC 7, Morale 6; 2 bodyguards TAC 5, Morale 8; and the Militia TAC 7 Morale 7 with -1 to shoot. Militia with machete have hand to hand of 4.   Militia weapons.  Technicals have an unarmed  driver and a 12.7mm HMG with a gunner in the back.  Mercenaries have Assault Rifles.  Other body guard have a shotgun, a fire bomb (Molotov cocktail) thrower, two men with machetes ('n' = 4 in hand to hand), and one assault rife.  The other two groups both have an RPG 7; one group a LMG; one group a fire bomb thrower, and the rest of the figures assault rifles.
4.   For NUTS or FNG2:   FFL = TAC 5 (Sniper +1 to hit), Militia TAC 4 leader, TAC 5 Mercenary bodyguards, and TAC 3 Militia.).  Weapons can be whatever your figures have.

____________________________________________ THE GAME______________
The Militia arrive on the main road with a Technical leading the convoy.  It explodes as the French use their only AT4 to destroy it and block the road.  The second truck takes small arms fire and the driver is killed when it stops for the men in back to jump out.  Two trucks block the road.  The remaining technical uses the edge of a dry creek bed to get around the thick jungle while one truck load of Militia work their way to the edge of the rubber trees on their left (plastic trees in neat rows) to lay down fire.  The Militia leader in his suit and with his cell phone, accompanied by two mercenary bodyguards and his personal body guards moves through the jungle to his right.  The other Militia unload out of sight and start to move forward through the thick undergrowth and trees,  hampered by the jungle, trying to catch up to their leader.

The French move troops covering the rear of the village to firing positions facing the Militia (sounds good but this is a total of 2 men with assault rifles) while the trooper with the hostages moves to a door to cover the approaches to the building.  It is the only building in the town with no windows or doors in the back.

The covering Militia open fire, with six of the figures able to fire from the edge of the rubber trees.  Their fire is ineffective but does drive back one of the defending Paras.  The other, realizing that the SAW gunner has fallen back, becomes determined not to flinch and returns fire (rolls a HERO result on his morale check meaning he no longer takes morale checks).  The French sniper fires a round at the second Technical taking out the gunner and scaring the driver who promptly strips the gears and gets his vehicle stuck.  The driver bails out.  (AOF - soft skins are considered hard targets for target purposes but provide NO protection to passengers.  If a passenger is killed you roll a d10.  On a '10' result the soft skin is knocked out.  The single sniper shot killed the machinegunner and knocked out the truck.)

The French have all moved into firing positions.  The Militia concentrate their fire on the SAW gunner over the main entrance to the village.  That entrance isn't blocked with rubbish or mealy bags.  The fire continuously forces the paratrooper to duck back.  However, the other Paratrooper starts to take out the Militia covering force, one man at a time.  The French sniper joins him and picks off the covering froce RPG gunner, then the LMG gunner.  The Militia Covering force becomes confused and their fire even less effective.  They have lost five of their ten men.

The Militia leader tries to get his two machete wielding fighters into the compound but the French HQ SAW and rifle fire take out both of them as they rush forward.  However, covering fire by the two Mercenaries wounds the French radioman and he takes cover away from the window.  Their fire also hits the French sniper who is killed.  The chopper is heard coming. The covering force is too far away but keeps the SAW gunner on the roof pinned down.  The Militia leader leads the charge.  If they can close in a fire bomb should take care of the Frenchmen.

The Militia leader and his men boil out of the woods trying to get to the passageway through the building to their front.  They reach the building.  A grenade comes out of the passageway from the Paratrooper guarding it.  The Militia leader is left standing, still holding his cell phone and pistol but the two men closest to him go down.  A Paratrooper leans out of the window and fires a burst from a SAW joined by the LT leader.  Both Mercenaries go down along with the man carrying the fire bombs.  The leader is left as well as one man with a shotgun.  Stunned, they stand there as the Puma helicopter comes in to hover over the building holding the hostages as the hostages start to make their way to the roof.  The Militia fall back.

Mission accomplished.  The cost is one dead and one wounded.

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