Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TankGuy1's photostream

Lehman Russ as a LRConq 2 showing coax heavy bolterVanquisher 2 Right FrontLehman Russ rear turret detailOgryn Three, four, FiveSentinal Mk4
Sentinal with unpainted HK missileShadow Hawk SPM HullShadowsword - AStormtrooper Sgt and GL facing rearStormtrooper with SgtExcaliber-E
Excaliber-M close up RF from aboveG1-4th Sqd moves out from ChimeraG1-Vanquisher prepares to fireGriffon Basilisk close-upHead Hunters Pic 01Head Hunters Pic 02
Head Hunters Pic 04Head Hunters Pic 06Head Hunters Pic 26Head Hunters Pic 27Old 3124th for Sale Mdls1-35 SF APC

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