Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hill 112 28 Jun 44 - 18 Jul 44

Our Sterling-Heights Warren Association of Gamers (SWAG) started a WWII Normandy Campaign two weeks ago and have finished the first game.  I will upload a couple of pictures of the 12 ' by 5 ' table.  On Google Earth look up MALTOT which will take you to France.  MALTOT is on the NE corner of the table.
This campaign starts with the 11th Armored Division VIII British Army 28th Hussars (Sherman) attack south to take the high ground identified by its height in meters, Hill 112.  This engagement is the beginning of a slugfest between the British and German army over this high ground.  From it you can see all the way North across a river valley to the town where the British have crossed the Orne River.  Elements of 2nd SS, 21 Panzer, 12SS Panzer Divisions are defending the area with II SS Panzer Corps about to arrive.

The first game ended with the Germans pushed back off the hill, MALTOT taken, and the British armor securely on the hill.  I screwed up a bit - happens all of the time - and the German side was handicapped.  First, by our two most experienced WWII players both ending up on the British side and second by my problems with ARMY BUILDER (copyright Lone Wolf - check their site for a free download).  Not their fault - I picked the wrong Army set in Army Builder so instead of 2500 pts vs. 2500 pts the Germans had only about 1850 points, and were missing 2 105mm FH from that.  Fixed it and have updated the orders of battle for the remaining games - but it looks like the Brits and Germans may be changing sides for this to work.  The Germans HAVE to be the most experienced players because defending a 12 foot wide table is very difficult.  And only the British have air support (Total Air Support rules are in effect).

We will see if 12SS can retake the hill next Monday.

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